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Bika LIMS 315 is free

Released on Monday and the online demo upgraded. 1500 Downloads since
Bika LIMS 315 is free

Bika LIMS web-based Open Source workflow

See Upgrading Bika LIMS · Downloads

Thanks you
Sponsors, issue reporters, feature requesters, coders and testers!

Enhanced in Bika LIMS 3.1.5

  • Custom Sample Preparation Workflows
  • Decimal mark configuration for result reports
  • Help info regards to new templates creation
  • IAcquireFieldDefaults acquire field defaults through acquisition
  • IATWidgetVisibility runtime show/hide of AT edit/view widgets
  • Watermark on invalid and provisional reports respectively
  • Alert panel for new upgrades
  • All relevant specification ranges are persisted when copying ARs or adding analyses
  • Allow comma entry in numbers for e.g. German users
  • JavaScript refactoring and optimization
  • Re-factored AR Specs, and Results Range field to the AR
    'getusers', remove' Methods

    AR 'Copy to new' action in more contexts

    Update: always use field mutator if available


Per issue number in the Bika Issue Tracker:

  • LIMS-1082 Report Barcode. Was images for PDF/Print reports etc
  • LIMS-1159 reapply fix for sample point visibility
  • LIMS-1325 WS Template loading incompatible reference analyses
  • LIMS-1333 Batch label replace with standard Plone keyword widget
  • LIMS-1335 Reference Definitions don't sort alphabetically on WS Template lay-outs
  • LIMS-1345 Analysis profiles don't sort
  • LIMS-1347 Analysis/AR background colour to be different to for Receive and To be Sampled
  • LIMS-1360 Number of analyses in ARs folder view
  • LIMS-1374 Auto label printing does not happen for an AR drop-down receive
  • LIMS-1377 Error when trying to publish after updating branch hotfix/next or develop
  • LIMS-1378 Add AR/Sample default fields to Batch
  • LIMS-1395 front page issue tracker URL
  • LIMS-1402 If no date is chosen, it will never expire." not been accomplished
  • LIMS-1416 If a sample point has a default sample type the field is not pulled automatically during AR template creation
  • LIMS-1425 Verify Workflow (bika_listing) recursion

Zero division error in variation calculation for Duplicate Analyses


Spreadsheet load errors
Template rendering errors


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