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Bika Roadmap 2014 II. Wish list

We were approached last week by a development team asking for technical assistance with functions they have been coding on for a number of weeks - an 80% match to what we have started on for bioinformatics now. We hope to see their code released but it looks very much like we'd be following a different, and given the difference in Bika experience, more sustainable route.

Teams sometimes overlook the benefits of open collaboration, and from our side it is essential to roadmap functionality planned. Herewith thus, Google note:

New functionality currently under way

Sampling Rounds (sponsored by Leo at Lab San Martin)
Setting up Templates for recurring sampling rounds and surveys

Bulking up Batches
More attributes and better management of Batch ARs and Samples

CSV Results attachments (sponsored by BBK)
As results publication option to clients, who may then import the results into downstream systems

Graphite theme and UI (sponsored by Jordi at Naralabs)

Bioinformatics workflow (sponsored by SANBI)
Sample preparation and storage workflows, interfacing OpenSpecimen. Sampling kit assembly

I final negotiations, could still fall down, all co-sponsorship offers gladly accepted

Bika Health. Customisations for pathology labs
New AR create form. An Analysis Request creation form based on the standard paper format used by the labs already.

Patient button on AR Create form. It is clear the labs won't use Bika's clinical cases much and it most of the patients will be new ones. To speed their data capturing up, users should be able to create new patients on the AR Create forms.

Medical Insurance for Patients. Alternative invoice workflow. The person or organisation responsible for the patients bill, be it a medical insurance company, him/herself, family member etc. must be captured and the invoice workflows directed accordingly.
Instruments Interfacing I
Alere Pima™
Beckman Coulter  Access 2
Roche Cobas Taqman 48
Sysmex XS500, XS1000

Instruments Interfacing II
Roche 9180 Electrolyte Analyzer, Cobas C111, C311 and E411
Sysmex KX-21N
Thermo Scientific Phadia 100

Up for co-sponsorship - These frequently come up in discussions, but i expect since they are costly, will take some convincing. Now if we could pool our cattle and code...
Cost depending on full analysis

CFR part 11 compliance
audit trails $7.5k

electronic signature $7.5k
SQL mirror $8.5k

Picklists $2k
A continuous Worksheet to which new analyses satisfying its parameters, e.g. assigned analyst, instrument, analysis services, are constantly added as samples become available. Those analyses completed fall off the list. The list will also be configurable to automatically add QC analyses at regular intervals.

Working hour Calendar
Calendar (a la Bika 2) in which the lab's true working hours can be configured, to take care of non-business hours, weekends, public holidays, double shifts etc. To be used in turn around alerts and productivity reporting. Later for scheduling sampling and analysis.

Please add yours here, there might be somebody else considering the same and you could halve your costs!

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